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Monster High OC: Adamantio LaBete (Profile) by Hellboy777Kratos Monster High OC: Adamantio LaBete (Profile) by Hellboy777Kratos
Now I give to you Adam's Profile.

Adam's Bio:

His secret identity:…

Some special features about Adam.

Since his birth he and his twin brother were special and very different from other monsters, being a mix between beast and human, light and darkness, he is gifted with Umbra magic, after all his mom was a powerful Umbra Witch, but his true potential awoke completely when he was going to be attacked by a laguna angel destroying it with a dark shockwave created while he was crying loud from fear at the day his parents died in battle against a strange figure with big peacock feather glistening wings, he born with a strange singularity in his left eye but his bewitched eyeglasses helps him to hide it.

His parents, aunt Jeanne and his Godfather Rodin died when he was 7 years old, they were assaulted by a new group of Laguna Angels calling themselves "Sancti Gloria", their mission was to take and destroy the new "Eyes of the World", only him, his twin brother and the butler survived but Rosen (twin brother) disappeared from the ruins without any trace, while Adam fights the angels, he seeks information from them summoning torture devices to get it like his mother did before, he suspects that Rosen was kidnapped by them.

He becomes an urban legend in Monster High and in New Salem when the Laguna Angels are attacking monsters and normies, nobody knows his identity as Kamen Rider Warlock except for his friends or like he tends to call them "my bunch of idiots", after his first appearance as Kamen Rider Warlock or just Warlock, he becomes a trendy topic on all the media, being unoficially declared as New Salem's Hero, but Adam prefers to consider himself as a hunter vigilante than a superhero.

At first, he was a cold, reserved, sarcastic, serious monster, even hostile at first, but while he attends to Monster High he starts to develop and show a warm side of his personality, revealing a deep sense of justice, nobility, and kindness, after an incident in a new amusement park recently opened where Clawdeen was in danger, he saves her and when he sees her face to face he starts to develop a crush for her in secret, now when she's close he prefers don't see her directly or spy her and gets jealous when another guys are close to her, he denies these things, he believes that if he loves or cares for somebody, being friend or love interest, he'll lose it forever, he fears to lose what he loves, resuming all of this, he's a grumpy manster with strong character, but has a weak spot for children, he says what he thinks openly but has problems when he tries to talk about his feelings or admit that he makes good things for others, doesn't like being seen as a weak guy, but deep inside he cries for guilt and mourning for his family, he doesn't want that other monsters or humans suffer what he had suffered before, he undoubtedly protects what he loves most (resuming in one word: TSUNDERE).

If he smiles in battle it means that he's being possessed by his demon sponsor, his demon takes his body to fight in desperate cases, his power is enormous but the possession time only lasts 7 minutes, after that, the demon has to come back to Inferno to recover strength and Adam vomits blood and feels weak, to this cases Ludwig or Arthur carries a Red Hot Shot syringe to heal him, he doesn't smile too much, make him smile is like dig up a treasure from its hideout, has humor sense and laughs when he sees or listen something he thinks is funny but he's difficult to make him make a good smile.

When Arthur said that he could be a second Kamen Rider to help him in battle, Adam was against the idea, he started to love Arthur like a little brother to him and doesn't wanna lose him like his twin brother Rosen, but he'll have to let him become a Kamen Rider when the the moment arrives, after his family's death, Adam was always awkward in relationships and make friends was hard to him, everytime that other children went to play together, Adam was always playing alone in silence without say any word, his grandparents tried everything to make him at least smile, but all was futile, but 3 months later he uttered a request to Ludwig to his ear -"Take me to Vigrid"-, to Adam, say that he has friends is hard, even say the word "Friend" is hard to him because of the trauma, but after save Arthur when he was risking his life to save him from a frontal attack while the Blessing monster was making him relive his trauma again, after destroy the angelic monster and free the victim's soul, Adam gets mad with Arthur about his reckless action, both boys were bickering until Adam shouts to Arthur - I DON'T WANT TO LOSE A FRIEND BECAUSE OF MY FAULT, FUCKER, I DON'T WANT IT NEVER MORE!!! -after hear that sentence from his mouth, Arthur realizes that it was imprudent from his part but he realizes that Adam said "FRIEND" without any problem, which makes Adam blush of shame and yelling him -FORGET IT ABOUT THAT ASSHOLE!!, AND LET'S GO BACK TO HOME, I'M HUNGRY AND YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT IT WITH LUDWIG, DID YOU UNDERSTAND, STUPID PUPPET?!!-, their friendship is comparable to Kurogane and Fai from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, but Arthur's personality is more like Syaoran than Fai (no homo, is just a unacknowledged friendship from Adam's part), he's stronger and grouchier than Jackie.

His grandparents are always worried for him and want to take Adam to live with them in Gévaudan and prepare him to become the next King of Gévaudan in future, but Adam rejects their petition everytime they visit him, he loves them a lot so he stays away from them to don't lose them too, besides has his aunt Beatrice, who is ambassadress of Gévaudan in Mexico and twin sister of his father, she's a normie and is married with his Uncle Patricio Radames, a popular Mexican plastic artist and his cousin Jeanne Maria, who is 3 years younger than him and had pupaphobia until she met Arthur, Gévaudan has a harsh relationship with Vigrid because of their beliefs.

He's immune to petrification and the spores of Venus McFlytrap are useless against him, besides his magic abilities are so powerful to make him immune to any psychic attack except for Lumen magic.

He's fluent in any language, even in languages more ancient than that Mr. Rotten teaches in his class, that shows that Adam is a good student and he works twice than others in his grades to compensate time being Kamen Rider Warlock, sometimes he triggers Warlock Time to study and make homework, all of this makes him sleep in lunchtime sometimes, if he's disturbed during lunchtime he answers with a punch to the face or at least a well planned menace, principally to Manny Taur, he talks normally with english accent but he says some words in french.

His height is 7 feet 3 inch (without horns), and has a rose-shaped birthmark in his left buttock, he gets mad when someone mocks of it.

Besides hide his true self, he secretly has some geek likes like Hellboy's comics (he's fan of him), Fearsona games and anime and tokusatsu tv shows (he started to like these shows when he was training with an Oni clan in Japan), he always keeps this in a low profile, believe it or not, Adam inherited the fear to cockroaches from his mother, every time he sees a cockroach he screams and jumps to the closest thing or monster he has aside him while he's trembling and clutching like a scared kitty, he's good playing poker and another card games, likes to watch the full moon, recently when he watches full moon, he starts to think in Clawdeen but he briefly reacts after realize it and denies it.

Has a very sharp tongue, he's too direct and open and uses sarcasm, irony, and gives hard critics to reply comments from snobbish, haughty monsters with superiority complex, his words can hurt even the proudest monster, he can be blunt and insensitive with his comments but not intentionally, and has dislike for monsters that always are sorry for themselves and when anyone feel sorry for him, he doesn't tolerate monsters and humans that abuse their power to others just for fun, he doesn't like when a kid cries, that makes him remember his trauma, normally when this happens he will help the child to stop crying, has weakness for children but he denies it, which is a hint of his hidden kindness, he doesn't like to recognize that he has a noble heart and he had done good things for others, which makes him blush of shame.

He can perform his magic skills without use his transformation device but when he's transformed these skills are faster, stronger and has a better defense, besides the armor hides his identity, he can transform his hair and fur into his formal Umbra Warlock's suit, but he's a little ashamed to show when he summon demons he must stay naked during the invocation, these techniques came from his mother and aunt but instead of use the word "witch" in some of the technique's names, it is replaced with "warlock":

Wicked Weave: During the fights, he can summon big fists and feet from his demon sponsor to kill his enemies.

Warlock Walk: Originally, it was needed moonlight to can walk in walls and roof, but Adam can activate it without moonlight.

Warlock Time: He slow down time to perform complicated and effective fight combos and avoid any attack possible.

Beast Within: he transform into a horned black lion to run faster.

Hawk Within: He transforms into a hawk to fly until reach his time limit.

Devil Manta Ray Within: He transforms into a devil manta ray underwater

Dragonflies Within: He can avoid a big attack transforming into a swarm of dragonflies.

He can summon his demon sponsor's wings to glide at air, make long jumps and to make a secure landing, but these wings disappear instantly after come to land, besides he summons demons using his hair and fur to give them physical form in earth like his mother used to do using her hair, and breaks Lumen barriers spitting at them, all these spells and abilities were teached to him by a strange female figure he met some years after the attack to the mansion, he called her "Black Nanny", but he didn't know she was really his late grandmother Rosa, Bayonetta's mother until she contacted him again when he was 15 years old.

Has superhuman strength, agility and endurance, he one time used a tank truck as a baseball bat to throw away a Beloved type angel and is skilled in martial arts, even if he has his own butler, he does his own stuff when he needs it.

He creates magical portals and barriers and redirects his bullets mentally to don't miss any target, separates his soul from his body to enter in other monsters's minds or spy and not be detected and makes any spell with just drawing the Umbra symbol in air and talk in Enochian language what he wants the spell to do, normally he doesn't show his magic abilities or talk about it in front of his grandparents, but his grandpa knows many things about his secret identity, after all, the LaBête Royal Family is one of the most influential and powerful bloodlines in world, but at the same time one of the most beloved because his grandparents supports and motivates the peace and understanding between normies and monsters, mainly because they are the first monster-human couple in world.

His birthday is in October 7th, so he's Libra but he dislikes celebrate his birthday because that day was when the death of his family by the Laguna Angels and Rosen's disappereance happened 10 years ago, he considers it a cursed day, when his birthday comes, he goes to cemetery to leave a bouquet of roses over his family's tomb (but the tomb is empty because the strange peacock-feathered figure destroyed their bodies with a single attack, the only things that remained after was Bayonetta's ribbons and amulets and Bernard's pieces of horn and a lower fang), but a final gift from his parents makes him have a change of opinion about this, the gift was a replica of Bayonetta's clock and showed a picture of all the family enjoying Adam's and Rosen's 6th birthday from the central jewel in clock's face, and the clock was carved with a message to both brothers at watch's reverse: "When you love something, never lose it, keep it safe, close to your heart, no matter what happens, you're not alone in the dark, enjoy your life the most you can even if we are set apart from you, you'll know that neither death can separate us, neither Inferno or Paradiso, did you understand little ones?", his favorite dessert is Red Velvet Cake with irish cream filling with nuts and cherries.

His first name "Adamantio" is the spanish term to Adamantium, his last name " LaBête" is a portmanteau of "La Bête" which means "The Beast" in french, but the fact that Adam is member of a royal family from his father's side, his true complete name is Adamantio Rodin Bernard Etienne Loki LaBête, Prince of Gévaudan and the first Umbra Warlock what makes him Prince of the Umbra Clan.

If you wanna add him as friend, it's ok.


Maria Marionette is property of Phantom-Mimi1:

Jackie is property of Saprowan:

Jillian Kramer belongs to chunk07x:

Here's an image of his father:…


I made some minor changes in Adam and in his profile
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