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Celestial Spirit Libra by Hellboy777Kratos Celestial Spirit Libra by Hellboy777Kratos
Well, this is a fanart about my headcanon about Libra in Fairy Tail.

"I open you, Gate of the Scales of Justice, Libra"

Light Magic, Darkness Magic, Dimensional Limb Magic (Cast dimensional gates with his own movements to any direction to make gigantic fists or kicks), Bullet Magic, Shodo Magic (a variant of oriental solid script magic), puppeteer magic.

Strongest Techniques:

Light Speed: He shines in a golden aura to boost up his speed to fight enemies and make shockwaves using fast high jumps.

Darkest Hour: Uses darkness magic to slow down time in 1 mile radius for even 5 minutes to attack enemies in a red and black atmosphere.

Athena Aegis: Gather his shields to create a light/dark magic barrier forming a yin-yang symbol to smash enemies and obstacles while he runs at high speed and to protect his owner.

Anubis Judgement: Cast a parallel dimension called Purgatorio to judge an enemy using his shields, greaves and sword to make a big scale after have defeated the adversary, takes a white peacock feather and enemy's magic using his werewolf puppet on the plates, if the magic is heavier than feather, the opponent is stripped from magic and mind forever.

Hecatoncheir: Casts giant size fists at same time to smash enemies.

Sasquatch's Stomp: casts giant feet to stomp over enemies many times as possible.

After he gets the Beast Lock, everytime when he uses dimensional limb magic the giant hands and feet are from Beast Libra.

Hammurabi's Seal: Cast a Darkness magic circle over and under the enemy to later being crushed by many fists and kicks using dimentional limb magic to finally defeat him/her with two dark magic blasts.

Shamash's Flare: Casts a light magic circle in front of him and shoot many light balls and a enormous Light magic blast.

Astraea's Rampage: charges light and dark energy in shields to then unleash them and use them to slice like blades.

Fury of Bushido: Use Lævateinn to cut enemies at high speed, after do this and save the sword on his magic space, the enemies get smashed after 7 seconds showing the samurai kanji, in every cut shows the kanjis of the seven virtues of bushido.

Pendragon's Legacy: Commands Lævateinn magically at distance to reach an enemy and attack.

Solomon's Sword: Gather a big charge of magic in Lævateinn to then throw it to the enemy like a unstoppable slicing blast.

Eclipse Slash: He put together light and darkness in his sword to draw a magic seal to then throw a magic blast from the sword.

Bulletstorm: gun barrels appear from the tip from his gauntlet's fingers and feet(especifically heels) to shoot.

Paradiso's Bullets: shoots big light charged bullets after a prayer.

Inferno's Shot: shoots a cluster of dark bullets.

Purgatorio's Sniper: shoots a bright red bullet to then explode after taunting.

Ippitsu No Mojikara: He carries a magical folding calligraphy brush to write any kanji in air or any surface, the effect of this magic depend of which kanji is written and the correct writing order.

Black Hole: Creates a black hole to absorb any attack from the enemy.

White Hole: After absorb attack from Black Hole, casts a white hole to give back the enemy's attack but three times stronger.

Stromboli's Stage: Libra throws magical strings to any thing, enemy or ally to control it like a puppet in battle creating variants of the natural abilities of his "puppet".

Cardo Virtus Iustitia: Use Lævateinn to create a magic circle while cast a magic chant in sky to then blast a sword storm(the swords are called"Cruel Stigmata Blades" and are made from victim's pain and suffering, when the enemy is attacked by these swords, the mage will feel physically, mentally and spiritually all the pain, suffering and sorrow from all his/her past victims), and an immense god-like hand destroys the enemy, it's so powerful that it can destroy all a country.

Cardo Virtus Iustitia chant:

"Great lord of infinite creation,
grant me thou grace,
let me be thou fair hand,
to destroy injustice and evil deeds,
I'm thine instrument of justice,
thine marionette of balance,
O Kybalion, I'm the judge of souls,
O Hesperus, light and darkness,
human and beast, beauty and ugliness
heat and cold, blessing and curse,
love and hate, creation and destruction, 
yin and yang, good and evil, heaven and hell,
all and nothing, living in balance in one vessel,
grant me thou power...

Cardo Virtus... Iustitia!!!!"

NOTE: Cardo Virtus Iustitia only damage people with evil hearts, good people are protected by the same magic seal when this magic attack is executed.

Super Strength, expert hand to hand fighter, master swordsman, sharp tongue, high endurance, enhanced speed and agility, he's the only spirit who can control light and darkness at the same time, there's no records about a mage who can do this before because control them at same time will destroy mage itself, skillful cook, good at card games, chess and mahjong, skilled puppeteer and creative craftsman.

His shield-attached gauntlets & greaves, magical folding japanese calligraphy brush, his sword Lævateinn(doesn't like to use it too much at first, it's the only thing that can kill a celestial spirit), always carries a lollipop in pocket and a werewolf marionette in a coffin-shaped box carrying it like a backpack, his shields can change its size to fit any situation.

Aries, Wind, Sweet things, oriental cuisine, Masks, Cooking, Sarcasm, Cloudy days, cool water, drawing, workout, rock music, new age music and metal music, monster movies (werewolf movies and anti-heroes movies are his favourites), full moon nights, reading, wrestling (mexican style), boxing, peace, pizza, practice japanese calligraphy, tell stories to Lucy about Aquarius being a nerd girl in past times to tease her when she is summoned (he considers it fair because of Aquarius's ungrateful, disrespectful and moody personality), Kamen Rider, wolves and bats, say bad words and show The Finger (it becomes bolder if he uses dimensional limb magic to do it) to who deserves it, Beauty and the Beast, roses, swords, black and white formal shoes, phantom of the opera, cherry blossoms, white tigers, snowfalls, tarot cards, seinen manga and shounen manga, good literature, crows, puppet shows and make his own marionettes.

Injustice, arrogance, lose control of the inner beast, spiders, sugar deficiency, hot days, lies, secrets, can't understand a problem, conceited people, bullies, have to fight with vain people, hypocrites, sadistic people, cannot tell Aries he likes her or seeing her crying, lose his puppet Mr. Fenrir Talbot(it was his only friend in childhood), headaches, pink (except Aries' hair), movies about beach parties (he considers them too dumb and out of reality), womanizers (Leo, you're warned), being watched while he's drawing, fights and loud arguments between his friends, Bickslow, pretty boys, show his hands without his gauntlets.

Muscular body, he's a little taller than Taurus, white skin, jet black hair and sideburns, has a low ponytail, sharp canines (upper and lower jaw, he doesn't show his teeth when he smiles because he feels ashamed of them), purple eyes, purplish black clear eyeglasses, white t-shirt, Black pants and boots, broad buckle red-black coloured belt with purple coloured Libra symbol with silver chains, golden weapons (he becomes Beast Libra using Lævateinn's power in his body, he transforms into a black and hairy giant beast with claws, fangs and horns, blue right eye and red left eye, torned pants and black and red feathered wings with white spikes on the radius bone, his eyeglasses can repair itself to calm his power when are put in his eyes or Lucy can calm him when she gets close), he used to wear a magical mask to control his power, but after his incident with Beast Libra in Magnolia the mask gets broken but with the remaining pieces the Celestial Spirit King creates his eyeglasses to control his power again, despite his constitution and height, he seems like a 19 years old guy, while he was traveling through Earth he was a little careless with his appereance mainly with his hair giving him a wilder look, his hair was messy and longer than now, in fact his hair grows faster than a normal people, even he had a long beard that made him look older when he joined to Fairy Tail, to Cancer this was his greatest challenge, when Cancer was shaving him Libra said -you can shave my beard but the sideburns will stay you want it or not-, he always wears his gauntlets all the time, he hates his hands because they look like a beast's paws (his hands are hairy with long claws and red and golden marks around).

Seems tough, rude, and cold but he's really a noble and gentle giant, sarcastic, with a great sense of justice and calm behavior most all the time but he can be a badass when he wants, like the most powerful spirit in zodiac and true leader of them, he must show a serious and stoic personality in battle and other affairs (but he is a beast with a prince's heart), he's an intelligent and very perceptive spirit, he can be sometimes too sensitive to some situations like fights between his brethren or things like that, when he wants to cry he prefers to do it alone in hidden places because he doesn't like to make worry to anybody and to not show his tears to everybody, always has a sad, penetrating, serious stare because he's afraid of his power (he becomes a mindless beast using Lævateinn's power in his body),what makes him lack of self-confidence, he doesn't know what to do when he's being hugged by anybody because he never received a hug or any sign of kindness to him in his life, his sarcasm it's too hurtful depending of the victim, has sugar deficiency (he's like Natsu in a transport vehicle) and needs eat something sweet to recover himself (lollipops but very few times forget carry one), in love-life terms his appereance and manners make him charming and attractive to any woman whose close to him but he doesn't realize it, (Lucy is immune to this because she's his master) but he's shy about that, this makes angry any men, but mainly the Trimens from Blue Pegasus, his worst enemy in this things is Ichiya because in a mission Libra told to Lucy about his opinion about the Trimens and he said that how Ichiya can think of himself that he's the most attractive man in world if he's as ugly (outer and inner self) as a vulcan's ass after have diarrhea, actually he likes Aries but doesn't know how tell her, he blushes when she's close, talks nervously and gets clumsy (Aries found him cute in some senses), but he undoubtedly would protect her always but he fears that she rejects him, he gets a bit jealous when Aries is with Leo, he's a good character judge, knows who's good or evil and when someone is lying or hiding bad purposes with just staring him/her, he likes to collect masks, is the only one spirit who can kill other spirits, has a good singing voice and is a good dancer but he feels ashamed about this, besides has a whimsical and ironic humor sense, nobody knows about his werewolf puppet except Aries, Capricorn, Taurus and Lucy, Aries is  the only spirit who saw Libra unmasked before his departure, this situation happened when Libra was taking a hot shower, Aries was going to take a hairbrush from the same bathroom but because of the hot steam she took Libra's mask, when she went back to the bathroom she saw his face in the mirror while he was looking for his mask, so she dropped it to the floor because the astonishment and Aries run to her room, Libra found his mask but he doesn't know how the mask fall to the floor but he notes a figure shrouded by the steam while he was searching his mask before found it, there was a gossip about his mask that time, ones said that he used it because whoever saw him unmasked will become crazy because of his hideous face, other was that he has a black hole instead of a normal face and will suck whoever saw him)from when he was a little kid, normally he's calm but nobody wants to mess with him when he's angry, he is the only spirit that can stop Aquarius' rage menacing her with her nerd girl's past and calling her "sashimi bitch","asshole queen", "hypocrite manatee", etc, but the most hurtful thing that Libra could say to Aquarius (with all his sarcasm) is "You should at least try to be nice once time in your life, being kind to your owner will not kill you, douchebag tuna".

Since his birth, he was feared and hated by almost all the spirits because of his power and he was always alone, even when the Celestial Spirit King designated Capricorn and Taurus as his big brothers, they hardly get close to him, he tried hardly to make friends but everybody avoided him, this made him craft his only friend, a werewolf marionette dressed in a black and purple tuxedo called Fenrir Talbot, until he met Ophiuchus, he enjoyed Ophiuchus' friendship and closeness but he always hold a secret crush for Aries, time later the Spirit King was choosing the golden key's spirits through a tournament, there was a only one place, "The Leader's Place", so Libra and Ophiuchus had to fight for it, Libra won fairly despite Ophiuchus' tricks in fight, this makes Ophiuchus reveal her dark nature and becomes a powerful and vengeful spirit seeking destroy the realm and become Queen of the Celestial Spirit Realm, Libra fought with her but his power wasn't enough to beat her so he was forced to use Lævateinn in fight after being named Leader of Zodiac, the sword unleashed Libra's true potential stabbing him and merging with him but this makes to transform him in Beast Libra, after Ophiuchus' defeat he was heartbroken because he almost kills her in progress, almost destroys all celestial spirit kingdom and knows that she never love him since ever, she was using him to become member of golden keys to take Lævateinn and kill the Spirit King, so he leaves leadership to Leo but Lævateinn chooses Libra to be its master, leaving a posible return of Libra to being the leader of zodiac, Ophiuchus was sealed in a black hole for treachery since then, after that Libra put on himself a magic seal, the seal quotes that only when the golden keys are gathered, the celestial mage or mages will be judged by him, if Libra loses, he will be his/her most loyal server, but if the mage loses, the mage will lost magic and memories forever, he/she will never remember about his/her previous life after the judgement (he wishes for a master who can help him control the beast within), after being sealed by himself goes to Earth looking for a worthy master, after 170 years on Earth he comes to Magnolia to join to Fairy Tail, he calls himself Barli Forseti to join the guild, after interview with Makarov and being marked with the Fairy Tail's crest over his chest, he officially takes missions after meets Natsu Team, along this time he feels a high power in Lucy keeping close to her, one night Lucy has a gathering with all her celestial spirits on a dream, they warn her about Libra's Judgement is coming close, she gets confused at first but summon Crux to reveal some facts about this, after 7 months since Barli's coming, Lucy realizes the truth about Barli, then Barli shows his true self and cast Purgatorio over all Magnolia to start the judgement, Lucy uses all her golden key's spirits to defeat Libra but he's practically invincible, after that Lucy hears her mother's voice to sooth her and teach her Uranometria's chant to stop Libra's final blow and the fight, Libra is defeated by a more powerful version of Uranometria using all the magic from her spirits, Libra is shocked and becomes Beast Libra unpurposely and attacks anyone on his way, all Fairy Tail's members tries to stop him but is useless, Aries appears before Lucy and tells her about Libra's past and the origin about his beastly side before close her gate, then Lucy runs to Libra to help him to get back to his normal self while Aries surround Libra with wool magic, after hear Lucy's voice calling him and telling him that she will help him because of her love for celestial spirits and he's her partner, Libra sees a powerful light coming from Lucy showing him the exit from his own darkness leaving a sorrowful roar before get back to himself unconcious, at next day he awakes in Lucy's house, she tells him about his past, later Libra cries because of all the guilt on himself but he's consolated by Lucy, he joyfully cries because Lucy accepted him like her spirit and partner giving her his key and telling her that he will be there for her always, since his contract with Lucy, he learns to get his self-confidence again and control his beastly side gaining his most powerful form, Balance Libra, after his situation with his judgement to Lucy was over, he was hesitant at first to go back to the Celestial kingdom because all the damages to his partners and that he could not be forgiven, he goes back to his homeland just to see how were doing his partners, even if he was silent all the time Plue realizes he was watching them which causes a persecution in all the celestial kingdom to find him, at last Aries and Plue find him in shores of the Ocean of stars, after a long explanation about his plot he decides to live in exile but he's stopped by his brothers Capricorn and Taurus and both forgive him and ask for forgiveness because both were haven't aware of him before, this makes everybody (even Aquarius) forgive him and beg forgive to him, finally he's at a real home for a first time in a long time.

After Ophiuchus is defeated and reborn like a baby spirit, Libra pleads to the king for Fenrir to make him a celestial spirit and save him from death, the spirit king grants his wish but Libra must accomplish two conditions:

1. Libra must take the title of Prince of celestial kingdom with all the responsabilities.

2. After Libra takes his new position like prince, he must call the spirit king ''Daddy'', he's disagreed with this condition but the king is completely happy about this, one of the most disturbing things he hates from this is when the king hugs him from behind and cuddling his cheek over Libra's head and saying "who's Daddy's big boy?" many times, this makes him angry and send the king to fly away using dimensional limb magic in a punch yelling "Don't fuck me again!!!!!",everytime he does this the king always answers while flies away "How dare you to do this to your father?!!!" in a pleading and funny way .

Capricorn and Taurus are his older brothers, Libra calls Taurus (sarcasm) affectionately "Perverted Steak","Horny Cow","Skanky Beef" or just Tau-Niisan, to Caprico "Goat Padrino","Goat Pimp", "Al Capricorne"or Aniki, he used to call Lucy "Tenka-Sama (Your Highness in japanese)" but after few days he calls her by her name, He doesn't likes to become Beast Libra in front of Aries (she lets him call her "Ari-chan"), has a harsh relationship with Aquarius because of her moody and ungrateful character.

If Hiro Mashima could watch this and use it in manga and anime, i wish that his seiyuu could be Shu Watanabe, Katsuyuki Konishi, Jun Fukuyama,Tori Matsuzaka,Ryosuke Miura, Gackt, or Abingdon Boys School main singer, but personally Shu Watanabe would be the best option.

Now I finished the other pictures about Libra, here are the links

Beast Libra:

Balance Libra:

Libra's Scales:…

Mr. Fenrir Talbot Puppet:

Mr. Fenrir Talbot Life size:

Cardo Virtus Iustitia magic circle:

Beast Lock:


Now I changed his key because the first one seems too simple to me and I added his magic calligraphy brush
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AlphaTheWolf02 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015
You know Libra is a thing right
Hellboy777Kratos Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015
I know it since forever, but to respect  the manga, my idea was a personification of the features of Libra astrologicaly talking, not literally as a thing 
MrLonelyShadow Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
BBXRae4Ever10122 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2012
I love ur idea I rlly do but I rlly don't mean any harm by this comment but libra is a girl but if she was a boy then this is an awesome idea on what he would look like
Hellboy777Kratos Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2012
thanks for the comment and i was a little disappointed about Libra in manga, why a girl Mashima-sensei?, according to astrology Libra is a male zodiacal sign with positive polarity, besides i did this before knows that Libra would be a girl in bellydancer's outfit.
NOXNOZ Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
The blindfolded statue with the scales of justice is always a girl
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nice job on libra dude .. i too have some idea of what he/she looks like. see here [link]
Rhov Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my goodness you put a helluva lot of thought into this. I love that he calls Taurus "Pervert Steak," and "Al Capricorn" made me laugh. Aquarius was a nerd girl??? Awesome! And him having a crush on Aries is absolutely sweet, I would LOVE to see that. Your depiction is absolutely KICKASS! I can't describe it any other way. There are theories that Libra will be the strongest Celestial Spirit, although Leo is the leader. I mean, Scales of Justice! That's just screams "super powerful spirit." Although he looks a bit too much like a Western superhero, that still might work. Sort of like a caricature of Western comic books... or something. I can't wait to see what Hiro-sensei really does do. It better not be about "WTF is that" moment, like with Aries. I mean... Aries is THE RAM and connected to the god of War, and he drew a timid lamb in a mini dress! Libra better be kickass.
Hellboy777Kratos Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011
hey superzalex, check the other ones about libra, you must read all the description on this one to understand the other pictures
SuperZalex Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011!! Finally some one that also think Libra should be a Celestial Spirit!! XD
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